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look a this

isnt it cliché

so hipster

i liked this drawing before it became so mainstream



he looks like a fucking child :iconpapmingplz:

Known as Sean, he was never given a surname isn't it sad and dramaticdon't you feel like marrying him so he can finally have a surname huh? :iconminghideplz:

None, feel free to give him LOTSA OF RIDICULOUS AND EMBARASSING NICKNAMES :iconmilly-foxplz:

//dead pls


21 - He is a legal kick-assing bitch yeeeeehh -



December 24th | Capricorn 

Madly hot dildo ready for u :iconluvluvplz:

sorry :iconpapmingplz::iconpapmingplz::iconpapmingplz::iconpapmingplz:


Believes he does not care about love but, in truth, he is the biggest submissive faggot ever


he is gay

real gay 

so much that hurts.

Relationship status:
Forever lonely cuz no one likes hipsters-- :iconmingteatimeplz:

Day job:

Officially works as a barman twice a week, but does some others small jobs so he can make sure he won't starve LOL

Retaliant YEEEEEEE FOR EXPLOSIONS :iconsuperw00tplz: o k maybe not


 Being the kind that likes to take matters with his own hands, he can easially be found at the front row of manifestations, whether if it is making his way towards the police wall, with some kind of basebal bat - Or even a broom LOL - or simply helping his people blow everything up with their homemade bombs.

But, in reality, the thing that really makes him stand up in a crowd is his ability to incentivize people to keep at their maximium, even if they are losing, he can manage to make them keep fighting with all they have. He can be called ''the voice of the crowd''.

He sure gets really excited while in manifestations LOL //slapPED


165 cm | 5'5

....So shorty :iconureshiiplz:

(Might change after I roleplay him :iconlazeplz:) 

+ Practical
+ Adaptable
+ Humanitarian
- Impulsive
- Stubborn
- Bossy
+/- Outspoken
+/- Talkative
+/- Casual


April 2th, 1995


    -       Got hydrophobia, so, no swimming or pools for that babe :iconimsotiredplz:

    -       He can’t think under pressure, and when under too much of it, he will response with physical aggressiveness

    -       In truth, his biggest fear in life is to end up living his entire life never finding someone to call ‘‘family’’

Where is their tattoo located:
On his nape.


- Wow such hipster much tumblr boy :icondoge-plz:

- Apparently that kid does not age

- A real man wears pink gloves :iconehesmileplz:

- Looks half-asian although has got these dark-blue eyescoughweird genetic cough

- Even thought he works in a bar, he is completely weak for achool really, half a cup is enough to make him all dizzy and hot a full cup can get him in your bed :iconmilly-foxplz://SLAUGHTERED

- Uses his bandana to keep his long bangs out of his face cuz’ is just too lazy to get a haircut

- Believes he has perfect vision but can’t identify a person who is only two meters away from him :iconehesmileplz:

- Only buys clothes at bazar sales :iconyaomingfaceplz:

- Can’t read at all. When reading, he will start stuttering and won’t understand long or complicated words. the only things he can read till the end without dying halfway through are those primary school books like ‘‘mary goes shopping’’ you used to read as a 6-years old kid That’s why he usually won’t read in front of other people :iconimsotiredplz:

Contact information: 

Skype, notes, comments, any medium is completely fine! o v o

just come at me babes

Preferred method of RPing:

I'm fine with both, really! BUT I must alert you that my grammar is completely terrible.

Be aware.

//dead :iconlazydieplz:

cartoon yeee by Focrizis
cartoon yeee
drawing cartoon is SO relaxing :iconehesmileplz:

I'm so stressed lately ahaha ;; This helped me to calm down a bit ; vvvv;

I know it's not perfect BUT trying new things is really good u v u

that's it yeeeee




[HG] Yoichi by Focrizis
[HG] Yoichi
Applying for :iconhayami-gakuen: with bootiful :iconsparklesplz::iconnene7980::iconsparklesplz: :iconsexyhorseplz:

Golini, Yoichi 

Yoi-chan :iconehesmileplz: 
 →  His sisters





September 22th | Virgo 


Swim Style:
Breast Stroke 


(Might change after I roleplay him :iconlazeflirtplz:)
+ Cares a lot about other people
+ Has a ''mother nature''

- He needs to be on control of things, or else he will go out of controlBA DUM TSS:iconpapmingplz:
- Can be very clingy, making him quite annoying at times.

+/- VERY feminine :iconaurora-1990:
+/- He will basically treat you like you're his kid and you can't stop him :iconmingteatimeplz:


Will work on it someday

In the real far future


♥ Any kind of tea! But green tea is his favorite úvu
♥ A clean and tidy room :iconmilly-foxplz:
♥ When people do what he says 'cuz according to him, he has a mother's sixth sense thing which is always right :iconimsotiredplz:
♥ Holding hands :iconluvluvplz:

</3 Disorder
</3 Reckless people
</3 cough body hair cough

Additional Information: 
- Voice Sample: Still looking for it ahaha ;;
- He smells like camomile
- Lives with his mom and his two older twin sisters
- Since he has always been the only man in the house, he grew up believing he should take good care of his family, thats why he started to help on household chores and learned how to cook at a very young age (Being even better than his mom at it),
what basically is the reason why he has always been a very responsible kid Thats why he was so bad at making friends in primary school, cuz he usually would fed up the other kids with questions like ''Aren't you going to wash your hands before eating?'' ''Why is it you're leaving your vegetables? Eat them'' ''Have you brushed your teeth already?'' :iconureshiiplz:
- Basically, he is the real mom in the house :iconyaomingfaceplz:
- His parents divorced when he was only 3 years old, and since his dad only calls him on his birthday he has no real memory with him, in truth he only knows him by voice. 
- But in reality, he has never really cared about it, actually, he was always really happy living with his mom and sisters!

- Gets along really well with his eldest sister, actually they share all their secrets witth each other.
- Childhood friends with this hottie <da:thumb id="2371030238253996">:iconluvluvplz:
- Takes more after his Italian dad, that's why he doesn't look japanese at all.
- His mother decided to put him in swimming classes when he was a child to see if THAT KID WOULD FREAKING START LOOKING LIKE A BOY CUZ SERIOUSLY HIS PHYSICAL BUILD USED TO BE EVEN MORE FEMININE THAN A GIRL'S. Luckily, the classes helped his shoulders grow bigger :iconpapmingplz:
- Has always been a clingy person, especially towards his male friends, that's why his friends would keep calling him a fag cuz ''boys don't hold hands with others boys''
- Can't do a flip turn to save his life
- Choosed breast stroke 'cuz it makes breathing easier for him

Contact information: 

Skype, notes, comments, any medium is completely fine! o v o

just come at me babes

Preferred method of RPing: 

I'm fine with both, really! BUT I must alert you that my grammar is completely terrible.

Be aware.

//dead :iconlazydieplz:




Cryst! (≧▽≦)

If you add me on Skype, tell me your username in the contact request ( ´ ▽ ` )/


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